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IPLC 2009Introduction

This international conference brings together world-renowned experts and researchers
undertaking studies on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of major oilseed crops,
particularly oil palm. It provides a platform to exchange information, debate and find a
consensus on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) savings for palm oil and other oils.
The conference aims to highlight current LCA results used to determine the GHG
savings value for biofuels and to consolidate these findings into a universally acceptable
value for palm oil’s GHG calculations.

i. To deliberate results from various LCA studies of palm oil and other oilseed crops
ii. To identify Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission sources related to palm oil production
systems and propose potential reduction and mitigation methods

Target Participants
• International authorities/agencies drafting biofuels legislations and standards
• Researchers and experts undertaking LCA studies for biofuels
• NGOs, plantation companies, millers, refiners and traders
• Palm oil industry stakeholders keen to learn how to reduce the carbon footprint in
their operations
• Companies providing services related to sustainability and environmental management
for the plantation industry – Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Biobank
/ Carbon Credit, RSPO Certification, Waste Management etc.

Speakers and Panelists
Renowned experts in the field of LCA have been contacted and many have agreed to
present their latest outputs at this conference. Full programme details to follow.

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